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NovaBackup 15 Professional Review

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No matter whether you are working on PCs, laptops, or workstations, the NovaStor is always ready with fastest and reliable data backup/restore solutions.


- Military-grade encryption
- Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Server 2012
- 2 GB of free storage
- Copy and mirror files
- Extremely fast connection to the cloud
- Express wizard
- Machine Independent Restore feature
- Support Exchange, VMware & Hyper-V, and SQL
- Sophisticated Logging and Reporting


- Backup solution only for Windows OS
- Bit expensive

NovaStor Novabackup 15 Professional Vs Acronis True Image 2014

The Novaback 15 and True Image, both have a set of excellent and powerful tools that allow the user to backup the data to the cloud or any desired location to keep it safe. However, the facility to keep the data free from virus is available only with Novabackup 15. Novabackup is fast and reliable than any of its competitor. The sensibly and intelligently designed GUI makes it an apt choice of both data backup experts and beginners.

A quick glance
user-friendly interface
The Simple and user-friendly interface
Express Wizard
Express Wizard is a simple option to guide you through the backup process
backup type
The express wizard takes you to another step, where you can select the backup type
Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup
Added Features of NovaStor Novabackup 15 Professional

Virtualization is one of the hot topics of discussion among technical geeks as the statistics support the fact that more and more business are taking advantage of some kind of virtualization platform. The hike in the number of new threats poses a major vulnerability to the security of information stored on your system. A right backup solution like the NovaStor Novabackup 15 Professional can help you to get rid of the desperate feeling of searching and not finding the file you have searched. Novabackup 15 professional is latest in the product line up of NovaStor to help you backup and save all the essential data.

A set of unique features makes NovaStor Novabackup 15 Professional different from their competitors and one among them is the secure disaster recovery image restore feature. As per expert reviews, it is one of the simple, easy to install and use backup solution that can help you backup all the data just like a professional. The inclusion of incremental and differential backups have increased the performance of the software to a great extend as it gives the user freedom to only back up the modified files. The Novabackup boot environment helps to boot your system, if it fails to initiate the booting process. It will also help to restore the latest image of your system, swiftly.
The free set up assistance and the remote installation makes the installation easy and hassle free, even for the beginners. The support for all windows operating system including Windows 8.1, allows your migration to new OS with confidence.

The Novabackup includes all the essential features needed by an expert to back up the entire data, OS, or application to a safe destination, quickly and in few mouse clicks. The fast incremental and differential backup, password protection, ability to create bootable backup hardware and military grade encryption ensures that your data remains protected. Novabackup will also verify whether you have successfully backed up the entire data.

Despite of other backup software, the recovery and restore operations of Novaback are very simple and easy to perform. You can restore a single file or folder to similar/dissimilar locations. The advanced features let you overcome the problem of duplicate files and eliminate unnecessary files or folders.  You can automatically backup your system based on the schedule. The time slider helps you to select a single point in time to start the restoration process.

You can decide whether to backup specific files or entire system. You can set the Novabackup to create backup daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The option to view the last or previous backup, details of the backup in progress, like how many files are backed up, estimated time, elapsed time and much more makes the operations simple.  The different options to create alerts about the backup task are also available.

Novabackup 15 professional is rated as one of the simplest and easiest backup and recovery solution available. However, you can get support from a large number of online and offline sources. The support forum, email, live chat are some of the widely used options to clear the concerns that arise while using this software. In addition to these, the customers can also talk with the company representatives by availing the telephone service offered by the company. The company website is filled with tons of information about the use of NovaStor backup solutions. The resources include tutorials, knowledgebase, articles and much more.

Verdict: Novabackup 15 professional is a fast, straightforward, easy to install, feature-filled and robust imaging backup, and recovery solution for a wide range of users.
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