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Translators 2017: The Best Programs Are Designed to Make Business Communication More Meaningful

As the world grows smaller with every passing day, even the small and mid-size enterprises across the globe are collaborating or doing business with enterprises from other parts of the planet. Translation software programs like Babylon were first designed for the academicians and language enthusiasts, but the developers have now thrown in a lot of additional features into the mix to make those applications more enterprise-ready. Here are few things you should take into account to find the best translator programs.

What are the features that make LEC's power translator different from Promt, or put Linguatec and Systran in the same bracket? What are the features you should look for in a translator software program 2017? Here's a short and snappy guide.

Auto-Recognition of Languages and Wide Support

The best translators available for Mac and Windows systems easily recognize the language you are trying to translate and also offer a broad variety of languages to choose from. Babylon and other widely trusted translator software programs support a wide variety of file formats and also translate emails quite seamlessly. Conversion or translation of spreadsheet reports, PPT files and word documents inside respective native applications is necessary and programs such as Idiomax offer this feature along with many other features.

Batch Processing

Fast and seamless translation is essential for day-to-day business communication, and very few programs are there that offers batch conversion, instant recognition of languages and integrated spell checker and other convenient features together. Personal Translator Professional 18 is one such software program which offers all of these plus speech-to-text recognition and many other useful features. Batch processing is as important as instant language recognition, as you need both speed and large output capability for everyday business communication.

Which Languages You Need to Translate?

Translator software programs such as Word Magic or NeuroTran range widely vary in terms of number of languages supported. While the former only supports two languages, the latter supports as many as 99 languages, which is the highest among all translator apps and translator desktop software programs available as on date.

Compatibility is a big factor which you should check before buying a translator software program. Some programs do not run on Mac, while there are many others that are not really compatible with Windows platforms. You need to check these things carefully to find and use the best translator program.


The process of translation of texts (written, and ideally oral) from one natural language to another using a special computer program. It also refers to the direction of scientific research related to the construction of such systems. Read more about PROMT tranlator in wikipedia article. On this page you will find the best translators with discount coupon codes.