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Top 10 Mobile Security Software in 2017: Find out Which Mobile Safety App May Suit You (posted by Paul Wilson on 28.05.2017).

Most Smartphone users feel that their Android phones are completely immune to viruses, malware programs as well as spyware and adware programs, which is not entirely true. Even if you always exercise caution while downloading apps and material from the web ... keep reading.
Top 10 mobile security apps
Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Premium Subscription vs Acronis True Image 2017 Standard Subscription Comparison (posted by Paul Wilson on 17.02.2017).

Acronis True Image 2017 Standard Subscription features almost all goodies available with the premium subscription except the New Generation features such as Acronis Active Protection, Acronis Notary, Acronis ASign. With a standard subscription, you are no more protected against ... keep reading.
Acronis True Image 2017 Premium
The Best VPN Services 2018 for Your Complete Privacy (posted by Paul Wilson on 14.11.2017).

What are the best VPN services and apps that you should consider in 2018? Well, it depends on your needs. For instance, if you simply want to browse the web anonymously, you can go for the basic VPN services. But if you are quite specific about your preferred location ... keep reading.
Acronis Revive 2017
5 Best Free ISO Mounting Software for Windows 10 (posted by Paul Wilson on 16.07.2017).

Virtual optical disc imaging is the real deal. It's a way of creating a virtual disk image composed of writable data from a real optical disc for ease of use and storing. The ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc whose contents can be stored as a virtual CD or DVD drive ... keep reading.
ISO Mounting Software for Windows 10
Review of the 5 Best Keylogger Detector/Anti Keylogger Software 2018 for Windows 10 (posted by Paul Wilson on 17.07.2017).

The keylogger detector basically is a software that is installed to detect and protect a device against harmful keyloggers that record all keystrokes on a device. Hackers make use of keyloggers to record keystrokes in order to steal personal data or information and ... keep reading.
ISO Mounting Software for Windows 10
Acronis True Image 2018 New Features Review and Comparison with 2017 version (posted by Paul Wilson on 20.07.2017).

The Acronis True Image 2017 did lack a few important features and was honestly not up to the mark. However, its successor the Acronis True Image 2018 comes with its own special settings with a few necessary add-ons which are of the utmost help ... keep reading.
Acronis True Image 2018 New Features Review
Best Free Firewall Programs for Windows 10 You Should Consider in 2018: Read before You Choose (posted by Paul Wilson on 26.07.2017).

Earlier people were only bothered with online privacy but the recent spate of cyber attacks have forced us to also look after our offline privacy. With the latest technology advancing in leaps and bounds cyber criminals have got hold of very sophisticated cyber tools and programs which ... keep reading.
Best Free Firewall Programs for Windows 10
Kaspersky Total Security 2018 vs BitDefender Total Security 2018 Comparison Review (posted by Paul Wilson on 27.07.2017).

Kaspersky Total Security 2018 is not just a single antivirus software program, but it is a suite full of malware-hounding, anti-hacking and web security tools. The full package is yet to be launched, but you still got a chance to download the release preview, which is fully functional as well. When you download it and run it on your PC, you will get ... keep reading.
Kaspersky Total Security 2018
Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Review and Comparison with VMware Fusion (posted by Paul Wilson on 29.08.2017).

The Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac is out on its thirteenth version this month and with a whole lot of new features that includes full support for Mac OS High Sierra and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. An international leader in cross-platform solutions, Parallels has created the best ... keep reading.
Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC
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Acronis Revive 2017 vs EaseUS Data Recovery Professional Features Comparison (posted by Paul Wilson on 30.10.2017).

Although modern-day backup solutions are mostly on the cloud, you might prefer the good old way of taking backup of your data on a local drive or an external hard disc or on a USB device. But data loss can still be a matter of concern, and you might just end up accidentally deleting your data. Acronis Revive 2017, a cost-effective and ... keep reading.
Acronis Revive 2017