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Data Recovery Software

Data recovery - Information recovery procedure from the storage device in the case where it can not be read by an ordinary method. Read more about data recovery software in this Wikipedia article. On this page you will find the best data recovery software 2017 with discount coupon codes.

Recover Important Data with Best Data Recovery Software 2017: Features at a Glance

Data is precious. Even with a rigorous regimen of backing up your data through relevant software, you may still find yourself in a precarious position as data loss can strike anytime. Under such circumstances, the first thing to do is to stop using the drive where the data loss takes place.

Or if you have accidentally deleted a file that's apparently gone from your system then let the likes of Recuva or Piriform take over. There are many essential features of a good data recovery software program which you will come to know by heading below this fold.


Data recovery is a notoriously slow process and while some software like Data Rescue PC can indeed speed things up so to speak the matter is largely variable. This means that recovery speed is dependent on the system. It has also been discovered through lab tests that slow programs does not necessarily have a higher recovery rate or slow doesn't mean thorough. The size of the drive and the number of files do also determine the efficiency of the data recovery software to a great extent. Stellar Phoenix has been around for long and has an impeccable track record of being a reliable software program for recovery of data.


Your computer does not merely consist of videos or music or any other type of file for that matter. A good data recovery software program needs to be versatile and should be able to recover files with various types of data. You need a master of all. GetData Recover My Files, R Studio, Seagate File Recovery have proved their comprehensive nature of functions over the years.

Types of Files to be Recovered

In most cases, the types of files to be recovered can be classified into two broad categories- Lost files and files to be recovered from a formatted drive. Wondershare and EaseUS have recovery options for both types and may be relied upon to bring your file back to life in case of any emergency.

Ease of Use

The last factor to consider is the ease of use of the software. Data recovery is a complicated business and the last thing you want is a software program you are unable to figure out how to use. This was a common experience in the past but things have changed. Some lab tests consider the speed aspect as part of the ease of use of the software. Ontrack EasyRecovery is one of the best options in this respect.

Be sure to check on the health of your drive regularly and think twice before permanently deleting files even if you have a good data recovery software program. Good luck!

Here are some well-known and effective data recovery software

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