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Promt Master 20 Review and Comparison with Power Translator Premium

Do you wish to communicate with the world, without any linguistic barriers? Using the Promt will allow you to overcome all the linguistic barriers in the world of communication.

  • Quick translation
  • Powerful & efficient
  • High-quality translation
  • Convenience
  • Saves resources
  • Create your own dictionaries

  • Limitations of the trial version

 When Compared to Power Translator Premium

Promt Master 20 offers unmatched perfection while translating your documents. In most cases, the users are not required to make any manual changes to the translated texts, as the texts will be will be perfect. Power Translator Premium is a feature-rich translation program that can give you up to 90% accuracy. When compared to Promt Master, it does not support as many languages as Promt does. It provides support only for seven languages.

The working of Power Translator Premium is very simple as all the work is divided among seven interfaces – FileTrans LEC MirrorTrans, LEC ClipTrans, LEC LogoTrans, LEC TransIt and 1WorldChat. The program works well with email, web browsers and Microsoft clipboard. Even though this translation program comes with a wide range of languages, not all the languages are available in the disc. German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and English are the languages that are available from the disc.

Promt Master 20 Main Features

More About Promt Master 20

Promt Master software is appropriate for all types of translation use in both home and small office. It can be used to translate almost all documents, which includes word documents, web pages and ICQ messages. The Promt 20 works well when integrated with Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Outlook.

Promt Master 20 is a convenient tool that can be used to translate the Microsoft Word and Outlook. With the help of Promt, you can get your document translation done, without leaving the program you are using.

It comes in two versions: one language pair and multilingual.

 Main Features of Promt Master 20
  • Quality

The improved translation algorithms when combined with the unique PROMT translation technology and the updated dictionaries developed by the expert Promt team offers the best in the class quality of machine translation from and into Russian.

  • Translation at your fingertips

A new Promt Agent plug-in allows you to get the translation with a single click. All you need is to simply select the word or a text fragment in any program or any web site and click on the “hotkey”. In no time, a popup window with the translation result will appear on the screen.

  • Save time

You can read as well as work on all the documents in your native language as well as instantly translate it for your friends or partners. You can translate almost everything – let it be legal agreements, letters or scientific articles. The Promt Master 20 makes the job easy and handy for you.

  • Privacy

Unlike other translation software, you need not have an internet connection to work with the Promt Master 20. The lack of internet connection makes it safe to keep your personal data and the translated data from unauthorized use. No information stored in your PC will reach the hands of the third parties.

How Can Promt Master 20 Help You?
  • Exchange your thoughts with your international friends on social network
  • Use minimum effort to translate the idea in any Windows-run program or application
  • Spread or Share your ideas in communities
  • Swiftly grasp the idea presented in texts or documents written in a foreign language
  • Translate any document using Microsoft Office
  • Sent translations in any language to businesses and individuals around the world

PROMT Master 20 is a highly professional translation software, available to translate your documents with maximum accuracy. Promt Master is the most excellent translation software developed to give you the best result and will never leave you disappointed.

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