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Nuance Dragon Home 16 Review

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Nuance Dragon Home 16 Review 2024: Useful Tips and How to Guides

Do you have great keyboarding skills? If no, then you can use the Nuance Dragon Home 16 to make your work fast. Nuance allows you to convert your spoken words into texts in a fun filled and easy way.

  • 99% excellent speech recognition accuracy
  • High speed installation process
  • Interactive tutorial
  • “Learning” speech engine
  • Wireless dictation via Android & iOS apps
  • Optimized for touchscreen PCs

  • High price
  • A new version doesn’t include microphone
  • Some forum users run into the software issues after upgrade
  • Only English and German languages support (Dragon Professional Individual 16 supports: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

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Nuance Dragon Home 16 Features at a Glance
  • Transforms speech into text
  • Browse the Internet by voice
  • Email and calendar voice control
  • A full control of your social media accounts
  • Improved Digital Recorder Transcription Features
  • Simplified microphone set up
  • New pop up contextual guidance
  • About double speed dictation over ver. 13/14
  • WordPerfect 18 support
  • Skype support
  • Increased Accuracy in noisy environments and accents in comparison with previous versions
  • Dictation appears more fluid

If you not a keyboarding person then Nuance Dragon Home 16 is the perfect software that help you to improve your productivity. It is the best software to help you streamline your process of writing. This amazing product helps you to complete your daily work in the computer more accurately and quickly, thereby increasing your productivity. Nuance Dragon Home 16 gives you a fun filled way to interact with your PC and transform your spoken words into texts, with much accuracy and speed.



The installation process is very systematic and the step-by-step installation helps you create your user profile and personalize your vocabulary. It is a convenient way to interact with your PC as you can dictate documents, send email, search the web, and do much more with simple voice commands. It changes the way you interact with your PC. You can dedicate your valuable time in doing important things other than typing the texts.

Browsing several forums I have noticed that some users faced an issue after upgrading to version 16. The issues concern Dragon freeze in MS Word, a missing Dragon extension in Firefox and a long voice-to-text transformation time. The company’s support team seems to aware of these issues and suggests to do the following: export the previous vocabulary & commands, completely uninstall a previous version of Dragon with DPI15Cleaner, install Dragon 16, creat a new pristine user profile and import the previously exported vocabulary & commands. Here is a complete step-by-step guide with download link for removal tool.

 Highest Ever Accuracy Rate

The improved accuracy rate makes it easy for you to get things done, faster than ever. Dragon lets you set your language and recognizes what you say. Whatever you say appears on the screen, without any spelling mistake and increases your productivity up to 3 times. The company claims to give you 99% recognition accuracy right out of the box. It gets easily adapted to your voice and interprets the words correctly. You can easily customize Dragon with acronyms, names or other sole phrases that you frequently use.


 Capture Your Thoughts

Do not let your ideas skip away, capture it at lightning speed with the Dragon Home 16. It will make things very easy as if you are talking to someone. Dragon gives you a simple and more enjoyable way to capture your creativity. It also full voice command control, when dictating in Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.


 Enhanced Performance

While you set up your profile in a multi-core processor system with more than 4 GB of RAM, the Dragon 16, without human intervention, selects the best speech model for you, which enhances the performance. Easy correction and editing options lets you work faster, thereby delivering fast performance. The selection of the model parameters is based on the system resources, thereby delivering enhanced performance to the user.

And again I have noticed on many forums that some users face severe system slow down after upgrade to version 16. The support team says that Dragon products have nothing to do with reducing the performance of your system unless you have missed recommendations such as changing the Dragon Data/Options in “Save recorded dictation with document” from ALWAYS to NEVER, changing “Disk space reserved for playback” to 0 and adding a check mark to “Conserve the space required by user profile”.

 Interactive Tutorial

The learning curve is not so steep, making it easy to learn and use Dragon. The Help menu and the interactive tutorials will teach you to practice good dictation, correction, and editing habits so that within a few minutes, you will be able to create error-free texts.

Dragon Home 16 Video Guide “How to dictate, edit and format content”

Dragon Home 16 Video Guide “How to search and surf the web”

Dragon Home 16 Video Guide “How to create an email”

Dragon Home 16 Video Guide “How to create a Twitter post”


 Smart & Easy

Proofing and multi-tasking are made easy with the fast-forward, rewind, speed, and volume control feature.  With your voice, you can close, open or edit files, minimize programs as well as change the settings. It is compatible with more windows applications. The following Windows applications have been tested with Dragon home 16 and are fully compatible:

  • Windows/File Explorer: On Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer 11.x: Full Text Control, Menu Tracking, Natural Language Commands, and ability to say links
  • Mozilla Firefox: Full Text Control, Menu Tracking, Natural Language Commands, and ability to say links
  • Google Chrome: Full Text Control, Menu Tracking and ability to say links
  • DragonPad: Full Text Control, Menu Tracking and Natural Language Commands
  • Windows WordPad: Full Text Control, Menu Tracking and Natural Language Commands
  • Windows NotePad: Menu Tracking
  • Microsoft Word (Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019): Full Text Control, Menu Tracking and Natural Language Commands (Office 365 Online supports plain dictation only)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019): Full Text Control, Menu Tracking, Natural Language Commands

 Dictation & Internal Microphone

With Dragon, users can easily select, correct, and edit text along with moving the cursor and punctuating text. In the testing phase, the Dragon scored well in recognizing and producing the texts. The accuracy rate was excellent and only minor editing was required. The use of an internal microphone allows the user to dictate directly into the laptop without a headset.


 Superior Audio Setup

This feature lets the user select the best device, as the Dragon detects the best audio device available and recommends it. The company used to provide a hardware compatibility list in the past but unforunately its gone now.


 Customer Service

The company offers a number ways for customer support. You can avail their service through e-mail or read the guides. The easy access to the company’s knowledge base makes it easy for the users to know more about Dragon. The phone support and the live chat support system are able to clear all your doubts in no time.


Dragon Home 16 vs Simon Speech Recognition Comparison

Simon and Dragon are powerful speech recognition software that helps to replace the mouse and keyboard by converting the spoken words to texts in your screen. Dragon is costly whereas Simon is open source software. Simon is very flexible and can be customized easily. Simon being an open source program the users can also contribute to improve the performance of the software. Simon is very useful for senior citizens to work with their PC. The hurdles in the initial configuration are removed and it takes less than 5 minutes to go from a fresh installation to a working setup.

Dragon offers supports for a number of languages, whilst Simon’s support is limited to only a few. Dragon is compatible with most Windows-based applications like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft IE, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Gmail.

June Deal! 70% Off Nuance Dragon Home 16
70% Off Nuance Dragon Home 16
Nuance Coupons
6.2 Total Score

9.1Expert Score
Ease of Use
3.2User's score
Ease of Use
  • Excellent speech recognition accuracy
  • Responsive customer service and a variety of guides
  • "Learning" speech engine
  • Price
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  1. I want to buy Dragon Home 15 but the last time I looked at this product 2 years ago it didnt support Word 2016 and my version at that time. Now it has been updated to Vers 1909 Build 18363-720 so will Dragon work or will Simon be better

  2. 1.6
    Ease of Use

    You can try “Dictation Pro” software. Typing with your voice is easy, so you can get your work done faster. It has voice commands which make formatting faster and easier. This is an excellent app with many functions, I recommend trying the free version today.

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