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Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12 Review and Comparison with 11 ver.

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 22.10.2016
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The Acronis Backup Advanced version 12 for PC is a data recovery and backup, is the most advanced and easy to use backup and recovery solution. Minor fixes and updates have been performed on this software; likewise, cool new features have been added to reduce the backup and recovery time, without exposing the data to any security breaches. This is a three-in-one back up system that combines Performance, Privacy and Protection, in one single package.
Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12
Here are some of the main features that makes Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12 unique and more desirable:

- It comes with a universal license, that covers all backup types, and this makes it very flexible to use.
- Provides a controlled privacy, optimized performance, and excellent security against hardware failure, theft and viruses.
- Comes with Acronis Snap Deploy feature. This feature simply deploys the exact disk image from the Master machine, unto several systems, and at the same time.
- Comes with the Acronis Access Advanced feature that secures all contents that are being transferred and then sync and share a solution for the enterprise.
- Comes with the Acronis Disaster Recovery Service. This feature allows you to restore all your IT services locally, or through the cloud with a single push of a button.

Comparing Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12 with version 11.7

The latest Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12 comes with the finest and most advanced features you can ever ask for on any Acronis backup system. Here are some of the major differences, you should expect between the version 12 and 11.7 of Acronis Backup.
Features Acronis Advanced for PC 12 Acronis Advanced for PC 11
Acronis Disaster Recovery Service It allows you to restore your data locally or through the clouds You can only recover your data locally. Cloud data recovery is not available
Acronis Access Advanced Available Not Available
Acronis Snap Deploy Available Not available
Acronis True Image 2017
Other extras that come with Acronis backup advance 12 for PC, include; Free analysis report, Free book on Enterprise mobility, Free book on backup and a white paper on how to simplify server workload migrations.