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The Best 5 Backup & Recovery Software 2017 Comparison Review

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 21.12.2016
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Have important data on your computer and don't want to lose it. A backup and recovery software is there to help you. The backup and restoration software is a program that performs the backup, exact copies of your files or data is created supplementary. In the case of data loss, additional copies of your data are restored. The following is the comparison table with their main points. Look at this chart and make the right decision.
Software Operating system Ease to use Compression Scheduling
Acronis True Image 2017 Windows, Android, and iOS moderate satisfactory yes
Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 Windows easy good yes
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 9 Windows easy good yes
Carbonite Cloud Backup Plus Windows, Android, and iOS easy good yes
StorageCraft ShadowProtect Windows complicated wonderful yes

1) Acronis True Image 2017

Acronis True Image 2017 is a reliable form of data security. Providing with multiple and automatic backup options, it protects your important documents and works files as well as your precious pictures and videos.
acronis true image 2017

- It provides fast full-image backup in just two clicks.
   On windows and Mac, it provides backup of the, programs, operating system, settings, boot information and files.
   It also provides backup on external drives including NAS devices, cloud and network shares.
   Backup for phones and tablets, Android devices, iPhone and iPad, is also done.
   Even Facebook backup is available.
- You can select specific file or folder for backup rather than full data backup.
- Your work performance is not affected, while your system is running your backup actions are performed in the background.
- It will also help you in scheduling your backup plans, daily or weekly, for any file or folder.
- Customize your backup scheme depending on your storage and speed requirements.
- You can get back any disk image backups to any hardware by using Acronis driver injection technology.
- It provides military-grade AES-256 encryption; that enables you to secure it with a password.
- Older files can be achieved to any local drives or the cloud for retaining storage for new files, and you can easily access the older files.
- You can select and validate your backup plans about frequently to do a backup.
- Recovery of files is also simple.


It provides full image backup
- It provides backup almost for all devices
- It provides schedule backup plans


It has no backup log
- It has poor layout
- It has poor customer support

Bottom line

Acronis True Image 2017 is a good backup and recovery software but creates few problems during backup. It has a poor layout as compared to its opponent software. It is good if you need backup plan privacy and full-image backup. Check upto 80% Off Acronis coupon codes here.

2) Paragon Backup and Recovery 16

It is a flexible and easy backup and recovery software. It's simple backup operations help you to keep your file and data, safe and secure. It is equipped with almost full range of solutions for backup and recovery.
Paragon Backup and Recovery 16

- It provides reliable recovery of single file or whole systems.
- You can restore your complete operating systems on new platforms of hardware.
- You can schedule your backup operations, and the backups are done according to the routine you set.
- It provides step-by-step backup guidance by backup jungle.
- It has WinPE-based recovery media that will help you to boot your device.
- It is equipped with enterprise-class technology, that includes time-tested proven backup engine, backup archive Paragon virtual hard disk (PVHD).
- It has an excellent customer support system.


- Its interface is simple
- It has improved options for backup


- It doesn’t provide mobile or online backup
- Option for backup your folders continuously is missing

Bottom line

Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 it is accessible to all users and needs no IT skills, but it lacks regarding various tools and product application as compared to competitors. It is good if you need a simple backup app. Check Paragon Software Coupon Codes here.

3) EaseUs Todo Backup Home 9

EaseUs, a software company, has “make the life easy” slogan. The company with its easy-to-operate software aims to make your life simple and smooth. EaseUs Todo Backup Home 9 is one of the most accessible and uncomplicated backup and recovery software.
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 9

It has a simple layout with basic features.
- The backup operation is done in only four steps:
  Select file or data want to backup
  Select its destination
  Select its compression
  Complete encryption setting
- It has various schemes for backup
- You can do a backup of the entire system.
- It provides with image splitting and disk imaging.
- Backup to cloud storage devices like Google drive is possible.
- It has 24/7 available support system with email ticket and live chat option.
- It provides a thirty-day warranty and full refund if you don’t like the app.


- It is easy and simple to use
- It has excellent support system


- The speed of restoring data is not impressive
- There are frequent pop-ups

Bottom line

It is the simplest backup app in the market with an easy to operate layout, but its restore speed is not as good as other backup apps have with frequent upgrade popup request. It is helpful if you need an easy to navigate the backup app. Check upto 50% off Easeus discount coupons.

4) Carbonite Cloud Backup Plus

It is a simple and automatic backup and recovery software that provides a shield to your data, files, images and videos in an easy to follow the process.
Carbonite Cloud Backup Plus

- After installing it, you can backup and restore your files.
- It has basic, plus and premium versions.
- It provides an unlimited storage on the cloud.
- Set it and it will automatically and continuously backup your files.
- It has a premium system for customer support that is free.
- It has a simple restore method.
- You can access it anywhere at any time.
- It uses 128-bit Blowfish encryption for your files encryption.


- It has an easy setup with unlimited storage for backup
- It has a key option of Ultra-safe security
- You can access it anytime with your mobile devices


- It doesn’t provide backup option, for attached devices
- For backup of the video, you need a premium plan
- It has few features for sharing

Bottom line

It is secure and simple, with a reliable and reasonable price. It has storage for backup without any limit but it lacks few features that opponents have. It is a better option if you want a secure backup method with easy accessibility.

5) StorageCraft ShadowProtect

It is mostly aimed at professionals of IT. It provides protection to your data by backup and recovery services.

- Its interface and design is complicated.
- Its backup process has many steps that make it difficult to use.
- It has average backup and recovery speed.
- It has an incredible data compression.
- It gives you overall control over how to backup your data with advanced features.


It has exceptional data compression services


It is complicated to use

Bottom line

It is complicated backup and recovery software is only best option for you if you are an IT professional.


Instead of losing your valuable and precious data, make it safe by backup and recovery software. Above mentioned are best 5 backup and recovery software with their features. Select the one according to your data backup and recovery requirements.
StorageCraft ShadowProtect
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