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Mobile Security

Programs to protect smartphones and PDAs from network attacks, malware for mobile platforms and SMS-spam, as well as to protect the data on your smartphone, in the case of loss. Read more about mobile security in Wikipedia article. On this page you will find the best security tools for mobile devices with discount coupon codes.

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The Best Mobile Security 2017: Features That Make the Difference

The world has been hit by the Smartphone and mobile deluge and its penetration has been quite deep even in developing countries. With financial transactions, confidential data etc. being handled by mobile devices, it becomes necessary for the device to be protected from harmful apps and freeware.

ESET Mobile Security is a cost-effective choice but is by no means the sole option. With the increasing sophistication of mobile devices and the increase of functions which are of interest to hackers and dubious tech enables sections the threat of malware looms large for mobile devices. Mobile Security can be adjudged from a number of viewpoints the chief among which are Malware, Anti-Theft, and Privacy.


Harmful apps are increasingly becoming commonplace and your mobile security guard needs to be able to scan, detect and remove these threats before they can do any damage. Sometimes apps given a clean chit by free tools like Dr. Safety can turn out to be malware, so you need to be aware of the ability of the mobile security app to detect such harmful apps. Kaspersky Mobile Security with its latest tech is a good choice overall and is particularly efficient when it comes to identified malware.


Your financial details are often stored on your mobile along with other sensitive data. Mobile devices due to their relatively small dimensions may be easily lost or even stolen. In case such eventualities arise, you want to lock and track your mobile. At the very least you want such data to be inaccessible by other people. McAfee Mobile Security along with the offering by Kaspersky Labs has a comprehensive coverage of anti-theft features.


In the era of mass surveillance by state actors, the word privacy is being increasingly relegated to the background. But it is the just demand for any individual that his activities on the net and usage habits remain out of reach of any person with harmful intent. But no need to wary the better mobile security apps in the matter strive to protect your privacy to the fullest extent possible. Filtering of unwanted calls and emails are some of the cool features rendered by apps like BitDefender Mobile Security.

Technology has proved to be a great asset for man in bringing them together. But like all scientific innovations, phones and tablet devices may be misused too. With mobile security, you are free to enjoy the advantages of technology minus the risks.

Here are some popular vendors with mobile security software

acronis true image 2017 promo
norton by symantec
trend micro
g data
BitDefender Security Software