The Best Mobile Security Apps for Android 2024

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The Best 10 Mobile Security Apps 2024 for Android: Find out Which Mobile Safety App May Suit You

Most Smartphone users feel that their Android phones are completely immune to viruses, malware programs as well as spyware and adware programs which is not entirely true. Even if you always exercise caution while downloading apps and material from the web you need to install the right mobile security apps for your Android. Mobile safety apps come with features like anti-theft which does not really ward off thieves but lets you lock or clean the data from the stolen mobile phone, remotely. We have reviewed here the top 10 mobile security software in 2020 so you can take an informed decision.

Some mobile security software products include traits like blocking nuisance calls or even spam texts, while there are many others that restrict access to the browsers with a password or PIN. The top mobile security products render not just superior malware detection solutions, but in addition a series of user privacy and anti-theft features. These include the ability to keep your contacts as well as other data private, trace your phone or tab location via GPS, capture the picture of a phone burglar by means of a built-in camera and much more.

1. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

  • Excellent security and anti-theft features
  • Interactive interface

  • Complicated setup
  • Less malware detection ability compared to similar products

McAfee’s mobile security software products not only effectively blocks phishing sites and thwarts all sorts of browser threats, but also checks for malware in your files, apps, memory cards on-demand or as per schedule. Although the mobile security app cannot scan emails, it can easily find malware in multimedia messages and text messages. It also protects Smartphones from QR code attack vectors.

However, the biggest benefit of using McAfee Mobile Security one of the top 10 mobile security software in 2020 on your mobile phone is that it constantly scans and monitors threats when you are on an unsecured wireless network. Cyber criminals often use Address Resolution Protocol Snooping for collecting user data, and in such cases, the mobile safety app can simply disconnect your phone from the network.

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2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2024 for Android

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

  • Provides top-tier malware security
  • Anti-theft tools
  • Anti-phishing protection

  • Low malware detection capability compared to other security software
  • Slow database update

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android makes it to the list of our top 10 mobile security software in 2020 as it constantly looks for chances of theft and includes tools to assist you to protect or recover your mobile. It, in addition, offers substantial phishing protection so that you are safe from malicious websites when you surf from your Android.

The app can carry out full system scans based on a schedule or whenever you need. It shields your phone from malevolent files in instantaneously and isolates any distrustful items. Kaspersky offers safe surfing so you do not become a victim to malicious sites and websites that could trap you into revealing your personal identity. Check Kaspersky coupon codes before purchase to save some money.

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3. BitDefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Internet Security for Android

  • Good protection against phishing attacks
  • Practical scanning of social network profiles
  • Privacy security and online operation security

  • No distant call blocking

Bitdefender is one of the best mobile security apps for Android. Bitdefender software allows the users to surf the web without any concerns of getting hacked on. It as well helps to avoid risks of phishing plus other viruses.

Bitdefender Mobile Security can recognize malware in old as well as new apps. It scans apps before transferring them and warns you of any possible risks within platforms.

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4. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security Free for Android

  • Lots of privacy and anti-theft tools
  • Free and paid versions
  • Updates out of date applications automatically

  • Some attributes are divided into independent apps

Avast’s Mobile Security updater has the ability to advance your protection in case you always tend to put off software updates and helps as a mobile security app for Android. As most of the hackers are aware that the majority of the users do not maintain up to date software editions, hence they attack with an older version of malware which is linked to real-looking prompts to bring up to date your programs so that they can catch any laggards.

Secure DNS is one of Avast’s exceptional tools, which helps avert DNS hijacking. DNS pirating pushes you from genuine sites to fake ones to steal your credentials.

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5. Webroot Secure Anywhere

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile

  • Installs quickly as well as scans very fast
  • Excellent malevolent URL blocking
  • Excellent phishing protection

  • Must have Internet connectivity for complete Android protection

Webroot’s antivirus program for mobiles, Secure Anywhere Mobile is among the best mobile security products which help in defending against advanced threats. The Webroot software helps in blocking malicious websites which at times permeate malicious programs and prevents phishing personal and important information.

Webroot a mobile security app automatically scrutinizes and verifies whether they have malware. It also senses system issues that take place in devices and operating systems. In case any of your applications have accession to personal info or if they can trace you, Webroot discloses them. It also keys out which applications access the network.

6. ESET Mobile Security

Eset Mobile Security Android

  • Top-ranked malware protection
  • Anti-theft power
  • Wide-ranging security traits

  • Costs cheaper than many other top Android mobile security apps

ESET mobile security app for Android safeguards your mobile phone against malware attacks plus phishing. ESET efficiently shields your mobile against mobile safety risks. Before it transfers any application from the Google Play store, it checks each one to make sure it does not have malware or spyware.

Apart from protecting against malware, ESET backs up safe surfing so you don’t land on a vicious website or one recognized to phishing of personal data.

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7. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security Android

  • Different versions for iOS, Android or Windows devices
  • Blocks malware and other malicious programs excellently

  • Limited parental control
  • Firewall not available

To complement the malware scanner of the Trend Micro Mobile Security app, the developers have also added a deletion tool to remove any accessible malware and bring the Smartphone back to normalcy again. Even if a spyware is detected, Trend Micro matches it with its reputation database to expose spyware apps that steal your private info. Other significant securities include blocking malicious websites as well as parental controls that helps you allow access to only age-appropriate websites.

Trend Micro mobile security also has a privacy scanner for Facebook, to check Facebook privacy settings and to suggest improvements. You can obstruct anybody who sends undesirable calls or texts. They have a mobile security app for iOS also.

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8. Avira Antivirus Security for Android

Avira Antivirus Security for Android

  • Successfully eliminates viruses and other malware
  • Includes sophisticated heuristic tools
  • Supports Mac as well

  • Short of anti-spam protection

Avira Antivirus Security is one of the best mobile security apps for Android that secures you from viruses, backdoor programs, adware, phishing, spyware, fraudulent software, dialers, and more. Avira Antivirus has a highly developed heuristic engine that helps in detecting malware that it is not already conscious of.

Some attributes that make a big difference with regard to the protection layering provided by Avira are a solid firewall, anti-spyware, Trojan protection, anti-adware in addition to anti-malware, email protection as well as web protection, concurrent protection as well as anti-rootkit.

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9. F‑Secure Mobile Security for Android

F-Secure Mobile Security for Android

  • F-Secure Mobile Security for Android offers robust virus plus firewall protection
  • Scans and obstructs malware apps, spyware and viruses

  • No URL blocking

F-Secure mobile security app examines the entire file as well as apps that are downloaded on the mobile for detecting malware or spyware which can put your personal info in danger. If it senses any menaces, it would alert you instantly.

F-Secure Mobile Security software includes extensive anti-phishing feature to shield your gadgets against vicious sites. Additionally, it provides parental controls for you to limit or check the activities of your children on the phone, and anti-theft alerts when your personal identity is stolen from your mobile phone. If you ask me, this is the best mobile security app for Android in our radar.

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10. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

  • Clicks stealth photos on doubtful events
  • Backs up phone information

  • No alarms for a change of SIM card
  • Safe Browser works only with stock Android web browser

The virus scanner of this antivirus program automatically runs when you install a new app. You can also set it to scan your whole phone whenever you want it to or scan manually. Lookout provides protection for your mobile device against malware, spyware and viruses so you can surf, transfer, shop, as well as pay with trust. Lookout Premium is a mobile security app for Windows.
The Privacy Advisor trait of this mobile security scrutinizes your set up apps and informs you which of them will trace your location; comprehend your individuality info and access messages.

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