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OS Migration / Disk Clone

Disk clone or migration means the exact copy of the whole hard drive or separate partitions including OS, applications, settings, e-mail and data to a new probably bigger drive. Read more about disk cloning in the Wikipedia article. On this page you will find the best software for disk clone with discount coupon codes.
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The Top Tools for OS Migrate/Clone 2017: Highlighting Key Features

The necessity of tools that help to facilitate the process of OS migration or cloning (which is an important part of the migration process) cannot be said to be self-evident. Disk cloning helps in restoring a computer to an earlier version of the OS in case it is needed. It is also a great tool to have a number of computers with the same software configuration and state. It is useful in switching between drives and may also be relied upon to perform a comprehensive system recovery.

There may be some confusion over backup software and cloning software and this confusion is most natural. Acronis True Image gives you the best of both worlds without burning a deep hole in your pocket. With the unique needs of the migration and cloning function, it becomes a matter of necessity that your OS migrate/cloning tool contains an essential set of features.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

In the world of software simplicity is a great asset. No one really wants to wade through pages of written documents in order to use a software product. The instinct for users most often is to dive right in. The right OS Migrate/Clone tool wound not only use data migration for the function of transfer of data but should also serve as the easiest intermediary between backup and eventually restore your system. An intuitive user interface is an absolute must. AOMEI Partition Assistant has many functions and cloning to SSDs can easily be achieved through its use.


Another characteristic that helps people perform cloning functions is the ability to restore to multiple computers concurrently rather than at one go. Through this not only are you spared of the rigors doing the task one PC at a time but also save time, loads of it. Acronis True Image has this feature which helps to navigate these complicated waters.


AOMEI Backupper Pro gives you the freedom to backup your drives or specific files and folders according to your convenience to a set destination.


As is to be expected such transfers of data often involve sensitive information. This makes security an important feature too. The latest tech should be utilized in this as in the case of EaseUS Todo Backup excels in this.

With the right tool at hand, you are all set to get rid of the wear and tear of a manual OS migration and cloning.

The below disk clone and OS migration software will can save you much time

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