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Acronis True Image 2017 vs Norton Security Premium

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 07.07.2016
acronis true image 2017 features
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55% Off Acronis True Image 2016 Coupon
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55% Off Acronis True Image 2016 3 Computers Coupon

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Acronis True Image 2017 is the new big deal in the system backup industry. Though, it is still in a Beta form, and many users who have tested the software believed that it will make a huge impact when the final version is eventually released in the year 2017. It is a huge advancement over the 2016 Acronis True Image and it comes with huge additions, eliminations and upgrades. The user interface has been made simpler and with just one click you can locate the file you want to backup from different sources.
Features Acronis True Image 2017 Norton Security Premium
Storage Offers unlimited storage space for backup Offers a maximum of 25 GB for hosted online backup, however, you can add more storage spaces as your needs increase
Added features It provides file sharing but does not provide instant chat features Provides extra features such as chat or instant messaging as well as file sharing
Compatibility Support most Windows Operating systems as well as Mac OS X. This software supports Android version 2 and newer, as well as IOS 4 and above Does not support Mac OS X, however it supports all Windows operating systems. The software only supports android 2.3 and newer, as well as IOS 8 and newer, it does not support older versions
Missing feature It comes with a file shredder feature.  Does not require Google play to use it on Android devices This software does not come with a file shredder. This software will also require that you download Google play app in order to use it on android devices

Norton Security Premium (with backup)

This is a top premium security backup software that provides up to 10 licenses as well as 25GB maximum storage space for localized or hosted online backup. This software is not just backup software, it adds twice as many security features than most other backup softwares in the industry. One of the advantages of Norton Security with Backup is that it combines all Symantec Norton security features into one software, thus providing the best security you can ever ask for in a backup program. The software will protect your PC, and mobile devices against viruses, it also updates  automatically and provides some flexible, and easy-to-use features.
The new software from Acronis is capable of backing up contents from your smartphone (android and IOS) unto your computer, therefore you can backup, restore and retrieve your files while on the move. The software comes with an archiving module, capable of moving all old files into an archive where they can be protected with a 256-Bit AES encryption - one of the most sophisticated encryption and protection programs in the world. The software provides you a new search tool, you can use in searching for a file within the backup environment, and there comes a new NAS support that can detect any new storage device instantly as it is connected.
Norton Security with Backup main window
Norton Security Premium can make use of one single subscription to obtain up to 10 licenses to protect up to 10 different computers or mobile devices using Android operating systems, and IOS. This software will give you an edge over the latest viruses, spywares, and other cyber-attacks, It also provides some extra features such as Instant messaging or chat, emails and share files.  Since it was released on April the 26th 2016, users of this software have been able to save enough money by combining instant backup facility with the best online security system, thus they donít have to pay extra to get a backup device or antivirus software.

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