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Parallels Desktop 10 for MAC vs VMware Fusion 7 Comparison

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 24.09.2014
Today, Virtual Machines are more common than ever before, and for the majority of Mac users, Parallel Desktop has been the most preferred virtualization systems for long.  It is the world’s fastest, easiest and powerful solution for virtualization and cross-platform access. With Parallel Desktop, you can use as many Windows and Mac applications simultaneously in a single machine, and it covers everything from PC only games to Windows productivity software. You do not need to reboot the machine to switch between the operating systems.

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac was the bestselling virtualization software and the main attraction was always been its ability to run Windows side by side with Mac OS X. Now, the company has released its new version, Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac with enhanced Mac/Windows integration and improved performance. With Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, you can forget the operating system and concentrate on the task in hand.
Feature Parallel Desktop 10 VMware Fusion 7
Drag & drop or Double-click  OS to create virtual machine Yes Yes
1 click optimization of virtual machine 4 options 2 options
Adopt Mac local settings for Windows VM Yes No
Automatically add Windows applications to Launchpad Yes No
Move a PC to a virtual machine on the Mac Yes No
Support 16 Virtual CPUs and 64 GB RAM Yes Yes
One click download for Chrome, Android and Ubuntu apps Yes No
Support for 2GB video memory for virtual machine Yes Yes
Real-time virtual disc optimization Yes No
Free disc space wizard Yes No
Direct X support Yes No
Drag & drop a file to Outlook icon to attach it to email Yes No
Support for 3+ button mouse Yes No
Outlook for Windows shows unread emails like Mail.app Yes No
Windows 8 Start screen functions like Launchpad Yes No
In product tutorials No Yes
More than 200 Guest OS support No Yes
Mac native “Share” and “Save to” in Windows Yes No
Extends Mac OS X parental control to Windows Yes No

Parallels Desktop vs VMware Fusion side-by-side Comparison

VMware is another major player in the virtualization segment. VMware Fusion 7 is the latest version, which is designed for Mac OS X Yosemite and provides seamless support for almost all popular operating systems.
Parallels 10 Pros & Cons

- The fastest, easiest and powerful virtualization platform for Mac
- Optimized for Mac OS X Yosemite
- Windows notifications in Yosemite’s Notifications Center
- Powerful performance with Support for 16vCPUs and 64 GB of RAM
- Cloud Drive, iMessage and SMS text sharing access to Windows Virtual Machines
- Support Mac multi-touch gestures with Windows OS
- Launch Windows applications from Dock
- One click tuning of Virtual Machines
- Improve Mac memory management
- Real-time virtual disc optimization
- Runs multiple guest operating systems simultaneously
- Extended battery life
- Create fast and space efficient Linked clones of virtual machines


- There is no serious cons to mention about this application

VMware Fusion 7 Screenshots
VMware Fusion 7 main window
VMware Fusion 7 main with Windows 7 running in virtual machine
VMware Fusion 7 with Windows 8.1
VMware Fusion 7 with Windows 8.1 running in Virtual machine
multiple OS running simultaneously
VMware Fusion 7 with multiple OS running simultaneously
Windows running in full screen mode
VMware Fusion with multiple applications running simultaneously
multiple applications running simultaneously
VMware Fusion 7 with Windows running in full screen mode

Despite few minor differences, both Parallels Desktop 10 and VMware Fusion 7 offer users the same features and performance. However, when compared with Parallels Desktop 10, VMware Fusion seems to be more appropriate for advanced users due to bit confusing interface and configurations.  Parallels Desktop 10 offers faster Windows boot up and scores better on 3D graphics. The one click disc optimization is very useful to keep your system in its blazing performance. In addition, with Desktop 10, the parental controls of Mac OS X are also available for the Windows running in the virtual machines, making it more appropriate for the home users.

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