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Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Review and Comparison with VMware Fusion.

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 29.08.2017
15% Off parallels desktop 13 coupon

15% OFF Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Coupon
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15% Off Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC

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The Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac is out on its thirteenth version this month and with a whole lot of new features that includes full support for Mac OS High Sierra and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. An international leader in cross-platform solutions, Parallels has created the best software to run Windows on Mac.
Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Review

A complete overview of the new features

For the first time, ever user can now get the best of both Mac and Windows on one platform. The Parallels Desktop 13 allows the user to run a different OS on their Mac by installing the OS onto a virtual machine. This software helps Mac users to successfully use Windows applications on Mac without changing machines or even windows, thanks to its multi-window feature. Amazing isn't it?

So let us now take a look at the brand new features and applications that the 13th version of the globally popular virtual machine software - the Parallels Desktop.

Windows on your touch bar

The Parallels Desktop 13 helps to integrate Windows applications into the Mac touch bar and also use touch bar within any Windows application. That is one neat trick. The Mac touch bar can now integrate Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It does not stop there as the touch bar also integrates Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Furthermore, the touch bar accommodates Windows Start menu and Desktop along with Cortana and pinned files.

A touch bar wizard lets you customize your touch bar as per your whim. Add any and every Windows applications that you may use to the touch bar and make the best of both worlds. The upcoming People Bar from Windows 10, which allows the user to pin contacts to the taskbar, is also made available to this software's users. Enhanced retina support ensures that the user gets the best possible visual experience. However, VMware beats Parallels when it comes to graphics.

Everything at the fingertips
New features of Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC
Apart from this major step the Parallels Desktop 13 software is quite adept at handling all your important tasks and completes them smoothly yet quickly. The performance has increased several folds and is much faster and accurate than its previous versions and any other similar products in the market. With just a click of your mouse, you can secure your private files, clean your drive, download files or even convert files and that too at lightning fast speeds.

You can install Windows 10 into a Virtual machine with the help of Parallels Installation Assistant and purchase it later on without having to worry about losing your saved files or installed applications. The installation process is very simple and guides you through the whole process, even allowing you to customize as required. It features up to 32 vCPU and 128 GB of virtual RAM per machine with Parallels Desktop.

Runs like a top

Working with Windows applications on windows or Mac have greatly improved and is much faster now. File transfers take very little time and most necessary tasks are handled with a simple click of the mouse or touchpad. Creating GIFs from videos is a craze nowadays and the Parallels Desktop 13 lets you fully control the settings and saves the GIF file on your desktop instantly. Mass storage devices like the USB 3.0 and external Thunderbolt SSD makes transfer or copying of files a piece of cake with their lightning fast speed. Booting and rebooting is much smoother and a whole lot quicker than before while customizing your desktop or any other settings for that matter is as easy as it gets.

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Features Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac VMWare Fusion 10
Single-click download of
Ubuntu, Chromium OS, Fedora,
Debian and CentOS
Yes No
Purchasing and installation
Windows 10
Yes No
Windows applications included
in Launchpad
Yes No
Supports DirectX 10.1 Yes No
Real-time disc optimization Yes No
Support Jenkins, Docker, and
Chef (Only available in Business
& Pro Editions)
Yes Yes
Supports Vagrant Provider FREE Fee Applicable

Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Vs VMWare Fusion 10

Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Vs VMWare Fusion 8
Another way to run Windows on your Mac is by Virtual Box or VMware Fusion. Virtual Box was the only way to create a virtual machine back when VMware and Parallels were a work in progress. The original nerd, the Virtual Box, however, lacked the many fancy features that the other, newer software provides. VMware and Parallels Desktop 13 are somewhat similar albeit a few differences between them not including their price.

Both of them come at the same price of $79.99 but while VMware is for unlimited Macs, Parallels is for one Mac only. While VMware targets offices and institutions, the Parallels Desktop 13, on the other hand, is solely made to serve any user looking to use windows on their Mac pc. Let us take a look at what these two similar products have to offer. Although Virtual Box is absolutely free, it doesn't compare with the other two.

Both the VMware and Parallels Desktop guide users through the installation process, which is very helpful. However, having said so Parallels installation guide holds your hand like a child throughout the process making sure even a beginner has no trouble installing a virtual machine. It provides a few more options while installation as compared to VMware Fusion and is better in terms of user friendliness.

Both these software gives you access to all the window modes, to Cortana and also supports DirectX10. Minor differences include OS X's quick look windows feature supported by Parallels Desktop 13 but not by VMware Fusion. Coming to performance it all comes down to the user. If you are going for looks then VMware takes the prize as it outperforms Parallels in the visual graphics sector. But when it comes to performance, Parallels is miles ahead of VMware.

Parallels Desktop 13 boots, transfers or copies files faster than VMware. It also saves a whole lot of battery life. If you don't need to install Windows on more than one Mac then Parallels Desktop should be your choice over Vmware Fusion. But if you are looking to play games and good 3D graphics is what you want then VMware is the one for you. So it's really a matter of brains over brawn, of usefulness over looks and what you, the user, needs. Here's taking a look at the key differences.