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VMware Workstation 14 Vs Hyper-V: A Brief Comparison of Features and Functions

VMware Workstation 14 Vs Hyper V is one of the hottest contentions in the virtualization software market as presently, more or less half of the server workloads are virtualized. Developing and testing your software reactions on your PC without hampering your workflow has now become easier, with the best virtualization applications offering a plethora of useful features. Now you can install encrypted computers for your remove employees and evaluate additional applications or systems in a safe and split setting. When it comes down to choosing between VMware Workstation 14 and Hyper-V, it's actually tricky, but if you skim this comparison post till the end, you might get a clue.

VMware Workstation 14: Features at a Glance
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Posted by Paul Wilson on 28.11.2017
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vmware workstation 14 virtual network editor
VMware Workstation 14 is built on the latest vSphere Virtual Hardware Platform, which enables users to stay organized with customized network renaming. In the latest version of VMware Workstation, the developers have added support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is also known as Redstone 3, aside from adding support for Ubuntu 17.04 as well as for fedora 26. Here are the key features of the virtualization software:

- Comes integrated with Microsoft Credential Guard and Microsoft Device Guard for Windows 10 guests
- Latest NVME device for faster and easier disk access on the SSD storage
- UEFI Secured Boot, which is particularly required for VBS and ESXi 6.5 Virtual Guest support is also available
- New Virtual Trusted Platform Module which can be used for managing keys for guest encryption like BitLocker.
- Full support for AMD Ryzen and Intel Kabylake CPUs

Pros and cons of VMware Workstation 14

VMware Workstation 14 Installer

- Well-established and a well-known enterprise-grade virtualization system
- Commercial licenses are available
- Well-established third-party distribution and development
- A full spectrum of VM products
- Polished interface


- Closed source and you cannot find an online solution for features and bug fixes, unless the developers do it from their end
- A bit expensive
- Free versions of VMWare Workstation comes with limited options
- User ability to use product on third party requests is restricted

Microsoft Hyper-V: Features at a Glance

Microsoft Hyper-V facilitates the users to create and manage virtual computing environments by using a virtualization technology which is built on Windows server. When you install the Hyper-V, t installs all the required components and you may also choose to install some or all of the management tools. Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management, Windows Hypervisor, and virtualization WMI comes along with the application. Other key features and functions of Hyper-V are as follows:

- Clustering virtual systems with the help of Shared Virtual Hard Disk or VHDX
- Easy resizing of virtual hard disk
- Virtual system generation
- Seamless integration and export
- Optional enhanced session

Pros and Cons of Hyper-V


- Less expensive than VMware
- Enables users to run multiple VMs simultaneously with dynamic memory management
- Less downtime during maintenance
- Live migrations is easier and simpler
- Easier backups
- Enhanced security with active and regularly updated directory


- Interaction with host OS might be challenging (compared to VMware)
- Suport for Linux is not good enough
- All VMs need to be taken offline for reboot during OS security updates
- Administrator interface is overtly simple

VMware vs Hyper-V: Virtualization Comparison

microsoft hyper-v import virtual machine
Features VMware Workstation 14 Hyper-V
Architecture Virtual appliance needed In-built hypervisor
Replication Asynchronous Asynchronous
DRaaS support Yes No
Dependence on OS No reliance on purpose built OS Requires Windows Server OS
Management scalability Support for 1000 hosts (with 64 hosts/cluster) Support for 1000 hosts (with 64 hosts/cluster)
Automated host provisioning Auto deployment with host config management Bare metal provisioning (only supports initial deployment)
Downtime for critical apps Fault Tolerance for supporting up to 4 vCPUs per VM Almost no fault tolerance
Advanced backup Changed block tracking, app-consistent backups and 20 VDP appliances Separate Windows with database required
Security management Centralized policy based approach Requires multiple system centre tools
Number of supported operating systems 84 different OS are fully supported Full support for 15 OS
Number of certified service providers More than 7200 service providers, with 70K global partners Less than 100 certified OS partners
Memory management Transparent page sharing, ballooning, centrally managed Complex dynamic memory