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How to restore the full system backup using bootable disc with Acronis True Image 2018

Acronis True Image 2018 is quite adept at creating backup but while you create backup, a restore application is just as important. True Image provides just that with easy and fast restore. You can restore your backup to your preferred destination. Just as Acronis True Image 2018 supports full system and selective backup so too it offers full or selective restore. It even allows you to restore from a bootable disc or restore your system on to dissimilar hardware. At times you may need to restore your system to another computer or the same one but with different hardware.

Step 1:  Insert the bootable disc into your CD tray.

Step 2: 
Launch the Acronis True Image 2018. After it opens click on the Backup option.
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Posted by Paul Wilson on 16.01.2018
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Full system restore with Acronis True Image 2018
Step 3:  On the window next right next to it you can see your backup. Since we are doing a full system backup you only need to click on your backup. If you are restoring selected files and folders that you had backed up earlier then you can select particular files and folders in the same window while restoring.

Step 4:  After you have selected click the next button.

Step 5: 
The next option asks you to choose your destination drive. It is where you want to restore your backup. By default Acronis True Image chooses the destination from where the backup was originally created but you can choose any other drive to restore your full system backup to. If you are restoring selected files or folders then choose your preferred drive.

Step 6: 
Finally click on the 'Recover Now' button and wait for Acronis to restore your backup. After it has finished it displays a green check mark on the main window.

As you can clearly see the restore process is a breeze, thanks to Acronis True Image 2018. Be it restoring your full system or selected files and folders, the Acronis does it all quite capably. You can restore full system from an external hard drive or a bootable disc or from Acronis cloud storage. Restoring your full system onto dissimilar hardware or another machine is also handled wonderfully by True Image 2018.

Acronis True Image 2018 is as much a beginner's delight as it is a professional's tool. Behind its simple interface and innocent design lies advanced controls and options using which not only can you control your backup but also your restore process. It creates the required boot media needed to restore your backup to same or new hardware.

Acronis True Image 2018 not only creates backup of your full system on an external hard drive to protect it in case of an accident, but also can restore the full system so that your computer is up and running again.

Things you should keep in mind

If you have created entire disk and partitions backup from your source HDD, including all those hidden partitions, restoring this to the new SSD drive and achieving the same result provided you did a clone, but it comes with the additional protection of having the backup which you can use should anything goes wrong.

Whether you are doing a restore or a clone, the bootable Rescue Media of Acronis ought to be booted using the same mode as you do with your Windows OS to boot. This means if the Windows uses the EFI bootloader (which means it has Secure Boot), you should be using the same for Acronis Rescue Media as well.

I used the Windows PE version of Acronis Rescue Media, and you should see the same or almost identical panels if you are using the Linux-based, standard rescue media. The only difference you are going to experience is that the standard or Linux media doesn't come with an additional device support, which is the only difference. 

Acronis Backup offers the users comprehensive and flexible options for taking backup on their Windows machines and restore entire systems and to restore files and folders as well. Whether you are running a small business or you are head of a rather big organization, follow the steps mentioned above to restore full system backup using bootable disc.