Audials Play Features Overview

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Audials Play 2021 Features Overview: Designed For Easy Management of Music, Radio & Podcasts, and TV Content

  • Free to download
  • Intelligent music manager
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Access to thousands of radio stations worldwide
  • High-quality fast recording
  • No ads and in-app purchases

  • Device support limited to Windows, Android, iOS, and browser extensions
  • The learning curve may be steep for some users

Audials Play 2021 Introduction

Audials Play 2021: Features Overview

Audials Play may not be packed with features like the Audials One but the features it does offer are quite efficient and more than enough for a free application.


 Discover Music

Audials can find your favorite music or any track in the world by searching music streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, and Vimeo, among others. You can specify artists, genres, and even radio channels using the Styles feature so that the app can understand your taste in music and search for songs and albums for your library accordingly.


 Music Zoom

Music Zoom is an interactive map displaying every genre and artist in the world. You can explore the interactive map by scrolling and zooming in or out. The latest news on any artist is readily available thanks to Facebook and Twitter.


 High-Quality Recording

Whether it is your favorite radio program, songs, or podcasts, Audials Play can record perfectly tagged and edited audio in high-quality. The app can even start multiple recordings in parallel on different stations at once.


 Music Manager

Just recording and saving music or podcasts won’t do. Audials Play comes with an intelligent music manager that lets you tag and organize your music as you please. Manage your playlists with the Audials Play and customize it manually or let the app do it for you based on your preferences.


 Music Transfer

With the Audials Play, you can now wirelessly transfer music to your mobile devices. Or you can use the copy mode to fill your smartphone with your music collection on Audials.


 Cloud Storage

Audials Play even lets you store your music and playlists on cloud storages like OneDrive and Dropbox, among others, so that you can listen to your music wherever and whenever you want to.


 Live TV

With Audials Play, you can access countless live TV and music channels from all over the world. You can mark favorite channels and watch full screen or on a smaller window.


 Save Podcasts

Audials Play also gives you access to audio and video podcasts from all around the globe. Categorized according to sport, entertainment, science, and language, among others, millions of podcast episodes are available to watch or save for later. You can save any episode on your PC with just a click or subscribe to a podcast to automatically download all episodes.



Audials Play sports an in-built equalizer that you can use to enhance your music experience. Though the equalizer is not the finest, it is still a useful addition to an app that already offers excellent functionalities at no cost.


 Automatic Tagging

The Audials app can automatically find and download relevant ID3 tags. Lyrics and cover artworks are added to your music and displayed on the music player or when you are playing any track.

Audials Play 2021: Device Support

Audials Play can be downloaded and used on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. While the Windows client is available to download on the company’s website, the Android and iOS clients can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store respectively. Audials Play can also be used on browsers as a browser extension known as Audials Live.

With such extensive support, you can use Audials Play on your Windows PC, smartphone, iPhone, and even browsers. To install it on your PC, simply go to the Audials website and navigate to ‘Apps > Windows’ and click ‘Download’. The download will start automatically. Save the file on your PC and run it to install Audials Play on your PC.

To install the app on your Android or Apple smartphone, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively, and download the Audials Play app. Once downloaded, install the app and start using it. The Audials Play app is free from ads and in-app purchases.

Audials Play 2021: Users’ Feedback

Social media sites, forums, and user review sites provide an in-depth understanding of a company’s products. I searched several forums and social media sites, including the Facebook and Twitter pages of Audials, to find out how the public and real users of the app were reacting to it. Needless to say, the opinions on social media sites were numerous and varied.

Users praised Audials Play for its straightforward and effective features that allow users to stream any radio channel or podcast as well as record it. The app has been rated as excellent and user-friendly on several forums and social media sites. Audials Play also received praise for its speed and customizability that lets you organize and manage your playlist. However, the app has a few rough edges that many users opined they were fine with as long as the app remains ad-free. Other than a few minor issues and technological niggles that users faced here and there, the Audials Play, according to several users, is one of the best apps for listening to and recording music, radio, and podcasts.

Overall the app seemed to have become popular with users who have not only rated Audials Play highly but also bear no qualms in recommending the app to friends and family.

The Audials Play has been designed for audiofiles looking for music to record and save from all over the world. With access to radio stations worldwide, podcasts, and even TV channels, the Audials Play offers a comprehensive music player, media manager, and radio recorder, all in one app. It is free to download, does not contain ads and in-app purchases, and lets you save your music on any of your mobile devices or even the cloud. There isn’t much one can ask for from a free application that doesn’t overwhelm the user with ads.

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