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Audials One 2021 Review: The Ultimate Streaming Recorder, Now Faster And Easier To Manage

The Audials One 2021 is the latest version of one of the most well-designed multimedia applications for Windows devices. The software allows users to legally record, manage, and even distribute digital media such as music, movies, and live TV streams.  Finding, saving, and managing various forms of digital media has become easy and risk-free because of the Audials One.  As a leading manufacturer of Windows software solutions for the legal enjoyment, management, and distribution of digital media, Audials focuses on designing and selling user-friendly applications at reasonable costs.

  • Supports major streaming services
  • Improved integration with Spotify
  • Batch conversion with automatic shut down
  • Watch and record Netflix in Full 1080p HD

  • Some users may face a steep learning curve

May Deal! 50% Off Audials One 2021
May Deal! 50% Off Audials One 2021
$39.90 $79.90
Audials Coupons
Audials One 2021 Introduction

Audials One 2021: Whom Can It Help?

Nowadays, online video and music streaming has become the norm with more streaming platforms available than we can manage to enjoy. Whether it is enjoying live sports, streaming live TV, or watching movies, entertainment has become digital and the best way to be entertained now is from the comfort of your own home. However, some limitations and restrictions prevent consumers from truly enjoying what they want. You cannot record your favorite shows or download your favorite music from Spotify without setting off the alarm bell that is copyright protection.

This is where the Audials One 2021 comes in and shines like no other software in the market. Specially designed for Windows devices, the Audials One 2021 is an ingenious application that can help you find, save, record, download, and manage digital media like movies, music, live TV shows, podcasts, and even the radio. It is an application designed for hungry consumers of digital media. Music and film buffs will benefit greatly from the numerous features that Audials One offers.

The ability to save and manage entire playlists as well as individual songs from the most popular music streaming platforms will surely appeal to all music lovers, especially those who swear by music streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, or Amazon Music. If you are always on the go and cannot make time to catch your favorite shows on TV then Audials One is just the software for you. It can record live TV shows in high-quality and save them for you to play it back later.

Are you missing your favorite live sporting events because you are working or otherwise occupied? The Audials One will record live sporting events in top quality so that you can watch them on your time. Audials has made it incredibly easy to access and consume digital media content anytime and anywhere. While the Audials One’s primary objective is entertainment, it offers sophisticated editing and managing tools that should also appeal to professionals.

Audials One 2021: What’s New?

Audials upgrades its products every year with new and improved versions, and the Audials One 2021 is no different. A substantial improvement on the Audials One 2020, the latest version offers higher speed, better recording quality, and revamped GPU support, among others.


 Improved Speed

Speed is the first major improvement that is immediately noticeable with the new version. The Audials One 2021 offers a seamless recording experience by prompting the browser to increase playback speed when recording videos. It allows you to store an offline copy of your videos with fast speed and no loss in video or audio quality of the recorded files. Twice as fast as its predecessor, Audials One 2021 can record music from popular streaming platforms at up to 30 times the speed in high-resolution and in lossless encoded format.


Enchanced Video Quality

Audials One 2021 now supports 60FPS and offers a much more enhanced video quality. The software is programmed to automatically record at the optimal frame rate so that users can have the best experience. Another significant improvement is the revamped GPU support that has improved the software’s performance while lowering the system requirements. The software now contains an automated and optimized graphics card-based encoding to improve video output formats.

Audials One 2021 has been optimized for all standard graphics card and high-resolution video content, especially 720p HD and 1080p Full HD. An improved ad-filter prevents the export of ads as files by recognizing and labeling ads. Recording Netflix or any other streaming platforms in Full HD at fast speed is now a reality thanks to the Audials One 2021.


Improved Video Library

The next big improvement can be seen in the improved video library that arranges your music, movies, series, and recordings systematically for faster and easier access. Automatic video tagging will sort all your files based on the artist, genre, director, year of release, and more. Adaptive streaming lets the software record video files from platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, among others without any visible loss in quality.


Record Scheduler & UI

The new version also allows you to schedule recording with the recording planner so that you can record the episodes of your favorite series and watch them anytime. The user interface has also seen a major upgrade with the new UI sporting a sleek modern look that is at once appealing as well as productive. The new UI is more intuitive than the previous one and makes navigation easy.


Music Bitrate Optimization

To improve the music experience, the Audials One 2021 can now adjust the optimal bitrate of the music files that you record, convert, or save. The software knows the optimal bitrate for all output audio formats of the major streaming platforms.

Audials One 2021: User Reviews

Reviews by real users are one of the best ways to judge the popularity and performance of companies and their products. Trustpilot and SiteJabber are two sites that host real user reviews of various companies and their products, including Audials. I went through Trustpilot and SiteJabber to fund out how the Audials One fared in the public’s opinion.

There were only 6 reviews of Audials on Trustpilot and the company earned a low TrustScore of 2.4 out of 5. While a few users were satisfied with the Audials software and have been using the software for 3 or more years, some users faced issues with the software, especially the 2018 version. However, Audials upgrades their products every year with new versions and it is more than likely that the Audials One 2021 has addressed the issues that were raised by users of its earlier versions.

A sole review on SiteJabber has earned the company 5 stars on SiteJabber. The user claimed that Audials makes converting media very easy with the app running in the background to download and convert videos even while the user watched videos on YouTube.

The overall public reaction to the Audials One was a mixed one with some users praising the company for its excellent software, while others found faults with the software and were left wanting more.

 Audials One: Social Media Rating

I went through Audials’ social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to gather more information on the company as well as public feedback. While Audials has a decent social media following with close to 9000 followers on Facebook and over 1700 followers on Twitter, the company’s posts, though fairly regular, is limited to announcements of new versions of its products and occasional guides. Judging by the limited public activity on Audials’ social media pages and other forums I had visited, the company’s social media popularity is currently average but increasing gradually. Barring a few minor issues that the company will most likely address with future updates, the Audials One 2021 seemed to be quite popular with several users.

 Should You Buy Audials One 2021?

Despite its justifiably high pricing, the Audials One 2021 is a well-designed and efficient application that has been a joy to use. The software makes finding, saving, converting, and managing digital media look like child’s play. Whether you want to record Netflix or save high-quality music from streaming platforms, the Audials One 2021 is an ideal choice if you do not mind spending $79.99. The price seems reasonable when its performance and the features it offers are taken into consideration.

May Deal! 50% Off Audials One 2021
May Deal! 50% Off Audials One 2021
$39.90 $79.90
Audials Coupons
9.7 Total Score
Very Good!

Conversion Speed
Conversion Quality
Customer Support
  • Faster than previous versions
  • Support for a wide range of audio and video formats
  • Advanced music and playlist management
  • Interface feels cluttered
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