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Posted by Paul Wilson on 26.11.2017
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NordVPN Review and Features Comparison with ExpressVPN

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the world today. It comes with its own benefits alongside some shortcomings. The VPN service is reasonably priced and it offers servings to thousands of clients all around the world. According to professional reviewers, the NordVPN service is averagely rated at 6.5. /10, and it appears that there are lots of private Internet Access services that are much faster and even more reliable than this product. NordVPN do come with client software for Mac OS, Windows PCs, IOS and Android. Similarly, Chromebooks, routers and Linux will have to be set up manually with NordVPN. Other features of the NordVPN include the following;

- Consistent user-friendly interface, for both PC and mobile devices. This VPN displays some visual maps instead of connection points, alongside push-ins in countries where the service is available.

- You can set up NordVPN  automatically as your system boots or reboots
- Data is encrypted twice.
- The 2017 edition come with CyberSec feature that blocks ads, and also filters all malicious websites.
- The latest edition comes with a Google Chrome extension that allows subscribers to run their traffic through chrome browsers through an encrypted proxy, thus they can stay anonymous. Comes with a download speed of 34.7 Mbps and an upload speed rate of 16.8Mbps.


- Very easy to use,
- Reasonably priced
- It comes with a 3-day free trial.
- Comes with double VPN at twice the encryption provided.
- There are no bandwidth or data limit usage.


- Can be slow sometimes.
- Some connections were found to be dropping, especially with the double routing of data.

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN Comparison Chart

NordVPN review


In conclusion, there are several factors one need to consider when choosing a VPN service, these among other things include;

- Availability,
- Speed,
- Licensing, and
- Price.

If you wat to connect several devices to a single VPN  license, then you can consider ExpressVPN which allows up to 5 different devices to be connected to a single VPN source. If you want the cheapest VPN service, you may want to consider NordVPN service which is perhaps the most affordable you can find out there. Single VPN users may be suited for NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Don't forget to check NordVPN coupon codes and ExpressVPN promo codes to save a little extra.
Features NordVPN ExpressVPN
Client software Client software for Mac OS, Windows PCs, IOS and Android. Does not come with support for Netflix by default Client software for Mac OS, Windows PCs, IOS and Android as well as Netflix
Price Costs roughly $11.99 per month or $69 a year. It comes with a 3-day free trial More expensive, as the basic price is $6.49 per month, but it comes with 30-day money back guaranty. Payments can be made through Visa and master cards, American express, Bitcoin PayPal, Web Money Ukash, Maestro, Alipay, FanaPay, OneCard, and Mint
Data Encryption Encryption is performed twice as traffic is routed through second VPN server. Though this may slow down the traffic speed Encryption is only done once, hence the VPN's fast speed does not slow down. It makes use of "Network lock" feature that temporary stop all internet traffic when the VPN connection drops. This feature can prevent DNS leaks hence working as the "kill switch"
Security Comes with CyberSec feature that blocks out malicious websites alongside ads Comes with a 256-Bit encryption security to help secure data transfer
Download and upload speeds Comes with a download speed of 34.7 Mbps and an upload speed rate of 16.8Mbps Up to 40 Mbps of download speed and 22 Mbps of upload speed
Licensing Only one device can connect to a device at a particular time Up to tree devices can connect to this VPN at any particular time
VPN type Comes as both closed and open source VPN Comes as only Open-source VPN