Heimdal Thor Premium Review 2024

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Heimdal Thor Premium Home Antivirus Review 2024: The Second Layer of Protection That Every PC Needs

  • Easy user interface
  • Low impact on system performance
  • Advanced antivirus, antimalware, anti-phishing and antispyware solution
  • AI integration

  • A bit high price in comparison with competitors

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80% Off Heimdal Thor Premium Home
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Why Heimdal Thor Premium Home?

Cyber threats have become so commonplace that most of us are apprehensive about working without installing a proper security suite our system. Thanks to the vast antivirus market that throws at us a plethora of products akin to solutions in rendering antivirus protection, we can at least keep the usual suspects at bay by installing the right security program. Heimdal Thor Premium is one of the few supplementary security programs that offer protection of the best kind.

The program is designed to give supplementary security to antivirus on Windows operating systems to be specific. The reason why its preference has started soaring above most of its counterparts is chiefly that of the advanced malware security it provides with plenty of third-party antivirus features.


How Can It Help?

To start with, Heimdal Thor Premium Home is a software application designed in a way that provides additional security to Windows PCs that are connected to the internet. The solution is entirely cloud-based and complimentary to any anti-virus program that is already running on the system. For all those looking toward a ‘second layer of protection’, this is the one to choose and definitely to guard against data-stealing, financial issues, ransomware and more.

One important aspect of the security suite is that it’s not a replacement of any existing antivirus product or the firewall. Heimdal Thor Premium Home ideally complements all such forms of security products.


Different version of Heimdal Security Comparison

  • Heimdal Thor Foresight Home

Home users and small office attendees can rely on this commercial version without a doubt. It analyzes all incoming and outgoing internet traffic (http, https & DNS) and keeps vulnerable applications up-to-date, protecting users against exploits. It helps to keep your personal data private so that cybercriminals have zero chance to steal it. A great side of this version is that it protects malware before it reaches your PC. The Malware Engine detects patterns in internet communication to discover new forms of malware that can potentially infect your computer and blocks it from contacting cybercriminal-controlled servers.

  • Heimdal Thor Vigilance Home

I found this version more basic in comparison with Thor Foresight Home as it ats more like an antivirus and firewall only. So if your system is already infected or you suspect some strange that it is I believe that this version will be a better choice. But keep in mind that it lacks such helpful features like phishing protection, can’t block data leakage, can’t automatically update your apps and secure your web browsing.

  • Heimdal Thor Premium Home

This version doesn’t provide any extra layers of protection or new features, it just combines all the best from Heimdal Thor Foresight Home and Heimdal Thor Vigilance Home. A sort of good marketing from the company.


Video: Thor Premium Home Tests


Traffic Scanning and Filtering

From the time of its installation, the program scans the internet traffic just to block “malicious” websites and the content known for “zero-day exploits”.

To add to it, the program applies a filter on the network adapter. The basic function is scanning for certain sites, advertisements, servers and so on. These are essentially meant for disabling spyware, malware or checking on cyber attacks.


Malware Scanning

Very often, we come across suspicious codes. In order to detect dangerous scripts, financial details, spyware, malware, Trojans and similar such viruses, the Hemidal Thor Premium Home checks for malware through its built-in malware engine. It compares all the signs of files present on the system and updates the database on a regular basis. Thankfully, the process causes no such problem to the performance of operating systems. It just works silently in the background without affecting any other scheduled task.


System Patch up and Updating Software

The following are some of the software programs that Heimdal Thor Premium Home patches – Chrome, VLC, CCleaner, WinRar, Adobe Flash Plugin, Adobe Reader, Google Drive, Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Plugin, iTunes, Adobe, Java, QuickTime and much more.


Uniqueness of Heimdal Thor Premium Home

An important aspect that must not be forgotten under any circumstance is that Heimdal Thor Premium Home is an add-on when it comes to the protection bit. To classify it under the head of any antivirus program would be a mistake since it’s designed to enhance the system security.

On the one hand, Bitdefender Total Security is pretty much innovative in providing a four-in-one security solution; and the other is Kaspersky Total Security with several functions packed in one suits. These include antivirus protection at the time of browsing, audio and webcam protection, and online payment security. Comparing these three would actually point at each one’s advantage in respective aspects, which is exactly why it makes all of them unique.



Heimdal is not new in the market. It was launched way back in 2011 and presently has a record number of users, almost 1 million. Packed with a lot of useful features, Heimdal checks to see that almost all the apps are running efficiently. In fact, every 2 hours, the outdated apps are updated to the newest version. The solution till date has eased out close to 12 million problems and blocked 15 million dangerous websites. Isn’t that super-impressive?

May Deals! 80% Off Heimdal Thor Premium Home
80% Off Heimdal Thor Premium Home
$19.95 $99.95
Heimdal Security Coupons
7.8 Total Score

Ransomware Protection
  • Built-in AI antivirus protection
  • All-in-one security solution
  • Automatically apps update
  • Price
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