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VMware Workstation 12 Pro vs VMware Workstation 11 Pro Comparison

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 17.04.2016
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30% Off VMware Workstation 12 Upgrade Coupon
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vmware workstation 12 pro screenshot
Features VMware Workstation 12 Pro VMware Workstation 11 Pro
Hyper-V support Yes Yes
Support for Microsoft Windows 10, Ubuntu 15.04, RHEL 7.1, Fedora 22 Yes No
Drag and drop a VM from vSphere to your PC Yes Yes
Microsoft DirectX 10 Support Yes No
Boot Virtual machines with EFI Support Yes Yes
USB 3.0 Support in Windows 7 Yes No
4K Monitor Support Yes No
IPv6 NAT Support Yes No
Allocate up to 2GB video memory to a virtual machine Yes Yes
Virtual tablet sensors Yes Yes
IPv6 NAT Support Yes No
Support for up to 16 vCPUs, 8TB disks, 64 GB of RAM, and 2GB Video  RAM Yes Yes
Create restricted VMs that can expire at a predefined date and time Yes Yes
OpenGL 3.3 Support Yes No
Why You Should Upgrade To VMware Workstation 12 From Workstation 11?

VMware has always been keen on developing a wide range of virtualization tools that can help people working on different platforms to transform their desktop into a dozen of VMs, each with diverse Operating System or hardware configurations. VMware has announced the entry of VMware Workstation 12 to their elegant workstation lineup. VMware has used the up-to-the-minute technologies to develop the leading edge features that can help the professionals to improve their productivity as well as save time to a great extent.
What are the leading-edge virtualization features provided by VMware Workstation 12?

VMware Workstation 12, a Type 2 hypervisor is packed with almost all the features to help the developers to keep in line with today’s technology demand.
vmware workstation 11 upgrade to 12 version
Built to support all latest Operating Systems

Unlike the previous versions, VMware Workstation 12 supports all the built-in features of the latest Operating System, like Windows 10 and Linux distributions (Oracle Linux 7.1, Ubuntu 15.04, VMware Project Photon, CentOS and RHEL 7.1, and Fedora 22). Cortana, the personal digital assistant and the linking capabilities in the new Edge web browser  works well with this new product. The user can directly launch VMware Workstation right from Windows 10, with the help of Cortana. The Workstation Virtual Machines Wizard helps the user to install Windows 10 in a very few steps from  a disc.
Create Robust Virtual Machines

The integrated novel technologies allow the Workstation 12 to maximize the computer’s resources to run today’s  most demanding apps in a virtual environment. The ability to allocate multiple processor core, individual graphics memory for each VM, and intelligent partition  of main memory (GB’s) lets the user to work wonders in their desktop. The user will be able to create Software Defined Data Center or even run virtual ESXi hosts and vSphere appliances, hassle free.

Advanced Graphics

Compared with the older versions, VMware has improved the speed of graphics up to 36 percent faster, making it possible for the users to visualize data in a whole new dimension. They have solved the video memory problem of previous versions, which caused some hindrance while using graphic-intensive program, such as AutoCAD, Solidworks or Photoshop. The inclusion of new sets of API’s has helped the workstation to handle heavy graphical workloads, without any lag. The added support for DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3 have boosted the working of 3D applications.
advanced graphics in version 12

VMware has a great tradition in providing industry-leading products to tech professionals, who rely on the workstation to get their job done. VMware has used their 15 years of virtualization excellence to develop the top products that can conquer the world. The VMware Workstation 12 can support the latest versions of Windows and Linux, as well as latest hardware and processors. The high end features and user-friendliness of the Workstation highly influence the developing skills of professionals, who run software on multiple x86-based operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. The leading edge features of VMware Workstation 12 guarantees maximum performance, reliability and enhanced user experience, which no other virtualization tool can offer.
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