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Software News
Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay joins India's digital-payments movement
March 22, 2017

As India's cash issues continue to create incentives for new mobile payment systems, it's no surprise that Samsung has jumped into the fray with its its Samsung Pay digital wallet.

virtual reality
Turning James Joyce's 'Ulysses' into a virtual reality game
March 17, 2017

Students are developing a virtual reality game based on James Joyce's "Ulysses" as part of a class at Boston College.

NEW GENERATION! Acronis True Image 2017 Premium Release
February 2, 2017

Acronis, a global leader in hybrid-cloud data protection and storage is proud to announce that global ERP vendor Acumatica integrated Acronis Notary and Acronis ASign into its
Cloud ERP platform to protect documents and ledgers with digital fingerprints and certificates of authenticity. Check all Acronis promotions including the new premium version here.

Acronis Notary and Acronis ASign brings great benefits to Acumatica's customers, partners, and independent software vendors by protecting data from tampering and therefore increasing long term compliance and transparency of all transactions. Read more
The Apple Pay competitor's implementation includes support for PayTM and the Unified Payments interface. It has a ton of network financial services partners, though Citibank India is still forthcoming.

Samsung Pay will arrive on the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch shortly, the company added. It currently works on Samsung's high-end smartphones, though it's rumored to be coming to the J series in India. Read more
The goal of "Joycestick" is to expose new audiences to the works of one of Ireland's most celebrated authors, as well as to give a glimpse of how virtual reality can be used to enhance literature, said Joseph Nugent, the Boston College English professor who is coordinating the project.

"This is a new way to experience the power of a novel," he said. "We're really at the edge of VR. There's no guidance for this. What we have produced has been purely out of our imagination." Read more