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BitDefender Internet Security 2016  Review and Coupon Code

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Posted by Paul Wilson on 20.10.2015
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Does BitDefender Internet Security 2016  offer ultimate protection against cyber threats?

Let’s check it out in this detailed review.

The recently released BitDefender Internet Security 2016 from Bitdefender, the Romania-based antivirus software vendor, is marked as a top notch protection software that is both powerful and easy to use.

What makes BitDefender the number one?

The feature rich BitDefender Internet Security 2016 is a prestigious product and is marked as the official product of the company. It is built on technology awarded product of the year and uses machine-learning to fight off cyber-threats. It uses the most advanced algorithm which is able to predict the threats and keep all your data and transactions from falling into the evil hands. Despite the complexity of the algorithm, the user finds it easy to manage the software without any professional knowledge.

Quick Glance at the top features

- BitDefender Autopilot
- Ransomware Protection
- Photon technology
- Patented machine-learning algorithms
- Cloud Integration
bitdefender 2016 screenshot

The general setting has three tabs
Quick Scan
quick scan

BitDefender 2016 in Depth…

Ease of Use

Most of the advanced security solutions, need an expert to configure and manage it properly. The BitDefender Internet Security 2016, is an exception, as it keeps you free from almost all the problems. Thanks to the Bitdefender Autopilot™ technology! It automatically detects and blocks all the potential threats and keep your device clean and safe from all malicious threats. All your data and device will be kept safe, even without any effort from your side, which will help you to remain focused on your activity. The quick Vulnerability Scanner finds out the vulnerable software and system settings and warns out the threats, all just in one click.

Painless Installation

From installation to management, BitDefender has tried to make everything simple. Everything is automatic and even a novice can handle it with much ease. The configuration is too simple and will work silently protecting your system, with no questions asked.

Performance Impact

BitDefender has incorporated their Photon technology to ensure that the performance speed of the system is never compromised. The Bitdefender Photon technology works by circumspectly adjusting to the ways the user uses the system, which leads to zero impact on the performance. Now, you need not worry about a lag in the performance even when the scanning is in progress. This novel technology has enabled the BitDefender Internet Secutiy 2016 to secure the top position in the performance test, when compared to other security solutions.

Fast and Reliable

The award winning technologies developed using the patented machine-learning algorithms have consistently kept BitDefender in the number one position in terms of detecting new or unknown threats. The most fascinating feature is that it takes only a fraction of seconds to detect the threat and take countermeasures to defend the device. All your critical information, including online transaction, personal details or privacy is safe from the most dangerous malware and spyware.  In addition to these, the file shredder safeguards your deleted sensitive files as it removes all the traces of it from your PC.

Cloud Integration

Do you wish to scan your cloud data, with zero impact on your system performance? Here, BiDefender enables you to run all possible scanning in the Cloud.

Maximum battery life

The BitDefender Internet Security 2016 not only helps you to focus on your activities, but also adds extra time to continue it. The enhanced battery mode automatically tweaks the settings of the system, thereby reducing the battery usage. The intelligent technology detects your activity and temporarily eliminates popups. It also finds and pauses the unwanted background process.

All in one security

The BitDefender internet security 2016 is packed with almost all the features to keep your devices protected.

The complete data protection feature provides you great peace of mind as it is very efficient in blocking all the traditional as well as new threats, including rootkits, worms, virus, Trojans, ransomware or spyware.  The behavioural detection technology is always vigilant and monitors all the programs and activities. It acts as an active threat control system providing an additional layer of protection. The advanced Ransomware Protection not only blocks all kinds of threats, but also allows the user to choose the areas which need to be protected.

Firewall and parental control

The powerful firewall can monitor the traffic even if you are using  Wi-Fi network. The enhanced parental control makes sure that your child is safe from the inappropriate contents and is using the internet for the time you have set. An Android app will inform you if the child ever tries to break your rules.


- Fast
- Easy to use
- Two-way firewall
- Discrete Parental Control
- Protection even from the latest threats
- File shedder
- Negligible impact on the performance of the system


- Safepay tool will be hard to manage for a first time user


Get rid of the most annoying adware and dangerous malware in no time with the BitDefender Intersecuity 2016. The one click security, powerful Anti-phishing, Discreet Security Widget, USB Immunizer, Social Network Protection, Rescue Mode, Remote Management etc are some of the features included in the BitDefender. The lab test results prove the fact that BitDefender is one of the best choices to stay protected.
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