BitDefender Internet Security 2024 Review

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BitDefender Internet Security 2024 Review: What Features Makes This Internet Security Top Rated In Comparison With Competitors?

Bitdefender Internet Security 2024 provides complete security to its users, irrespective of the nature of the user, platform or the degree of the challenge. The complete set of features and tools will always guard the system and keep you safe from the threats. The efficient protection and detection system of Bitdefender has made it won the title of best anti-virus of 2021.

  • Hassle free use
  • Zero impact performance
  • Efficient Firewall
  • Great ransomware protection
  • High detection and removal rate of malware

  • Some users found it difficult to install in malware-infected system

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70% Off BitDefender Internet Security 2024 (3 Devices)
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How to install BitDefender Internet Security 2024 on Windows?


Why BitDefender Internet Security 2024?

Even though the market is full of antivirus software, the Bitdefender remains one of the top security products in the list. Bitdefender internet security 2024 is a complete package that offers great protection against virus, phishing, hackers and other emerging virtual threats. In addition to these features it provides maximum anti-spam, parental control and social network protection. The installation process is very easy. You need to provide a valid email address to get the download link. The small setup file can be easily downloaded and you can select between custom or quick installation.

The feature rich BitDefender Internet Security 2024 is a prestigious product and is marked as the official product of the company. It is built on technology awarded product of the year and uses machine-learning to fight off cyber-threats. It uses the most advanced algorithm which is able to predict the threats and keep all your data and transactions from falling into the evil hands. Despite the complexity of the algorithm, the user finds it easy to manage the software without any professional knowledge.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2024 New Features

The competition in the digital security field and the use of innovative ideas have made it essential for the internet security solution providers to deliver products that can do more than just virus protection. Moreover, the busy people are neither ready to spent time in managing their security suite nor interested to deal with the live treats. The auto pilot mode of Bitdefender Internet Security 2024 makes it a hassle-free user experience to manage the security of your system, without annoying pop-ups or suggestions.

  • Anti-tracker
  • Microphone monitor
  • A single-touch security system for an automated protection
  • An Ironclad privacy firewall that guarantees 100% protection for your data
  • Security on the move – this include a Wi-Fi security advisor that prompts you to choose a save Wi-Fi network and ignore unsafe ones
  • Family-oriented protection – this includes the Parental control features
  • Ransomware protection, that provides 100% security for your finances, against all forms of threats
  • Blocks unauthorized access to your webcam
  • VPN service included

Ease of Use

Most of the advanced security solutions, need an expert to configure and manage it properly. The BitDefender Internet Security 2024 is an exception as it keeps you free from almost all the problems. Thanks to the Bitdefender Autopilot technology! It automatically detects and blocks all the potential threats and keep your device clean and safe from all malicious threats. All your data and device will be kept safe, even without any effort from your side, which will help you to remain focused on your activity. The quick Vulnerability Scanner finds out the vulnerable software and system settings and warns out the threats, all just in one click.

From installation to management, BitDefender has tried to make everything simple. Everything is automatic and even a novice can handle it with much ease. The configuration is too simple and will work silently protecting your system, with no questions asked.


 Performance Impact

BitDefender has incorporated their Photon technology to ensure that the performance speed of the system is never compromised. The Bitdefender Photon technology works by circumspectly adjusting to the ways the user uses the system, which leads to zero impact on the performance. Now, you need not worry about a lag in the performance even when the scanning is in progress. This novel technology has enabled the BitDefender Internet Secutiy 2024 to secure the top position in the performance test when compared to other security solutions.


Fast and Reliable

The award winning technologies developed using the patented machine-learning algorithms have consistently kept BitDefender in the number one position in terms of detecting new or unknown threats. The most fascinating feature is that it takes only a fraction of seconds to detect the threat and take countermeasures to defend the device. All your critical information, including online transaction, personal details or privacy is safe from the most dangerous malware and spyware. In addition to these, the file shredder safeguards your deleted sensitive files as it removes all the traces of it from your PC.


What About Cloud, Firewall and Parental Control?

Do you wish to scan your cloud data, with zero impact on your system performance? Here, BiDefender enables you to run all possible scanning in the Cloud.

The powerful firewall can monitor the traffic even if you are using Wi-Fi network. The enhanced parental control makes sure that your child is safe from the inappropriate contents and is using the internet for the time you have set. An Android app will inform you if the child ever tries to break your rules.


Malware Protection

The complete data protection feature provides you great peace of mind as it is very efficient in blocking all the traditional as well as new threats, including rootkits, worms, virus, Trojans, ransomware or spyware. The behavioural detection technology is always vigilant and monitors all the programs and activities. It acts as an active threat control system providing an additional layer of protection. The advanced Ransomware Protection not only blocks all kinds of threats, but also allows the user to choose the areas which need to be protected.

May Deals! 70% Off BitDefender Internet Security 2024 (3 Devices)
70% Off BitDefender Internet Security 2024 (3 Devices)
$23.99 $79.99

 Maximum Battery Life

The BitDefender Internet Security 2024 not only helps you to focus on your activities, but also adds extra time to continue it. The enhanced battery mode automatically tweaks the settings of the system, thereby reducing the battery usage. The intelligent technology detects your activity and temporarily eliminates popups. It also finds and pauses the unwanted background process.


 OneClick Optimizer

The highlighted feature of Bitdefender Internet Security 2024 is the OneClick Optimizer. Almost all the Antivirus slows down the system performance, even though they claim to be too light. However, Bitdefender does not slow down your system. The latest OneClick Optimizer feature of Bitdefender enhances the system performance. It frees up the disk space by running every known optimization in just one click. It deletes all the invalid registry entries, cache, temporary files, cookies, and visited links, which can cause system issues.


 Unparalleled Security

Bitdefender uses cloud-based services and detects the latest e-threats by monitoring the processes behavior. This highly reduces the chances of missing any threats that can harm your PC. The Vulnerability Scanner continuously checks for weak, missing, or outdated security software or files that can prove to be potentially dangerous to the system. The two-way firewall keeps on monitoring your network and helps to avoid unauthorized use of your Wi-Fi connections. The excellent antispam keeps your inbox free from all the unwanted emails and virus. The scanning process is very fast and simple. You can do deep full system scan, custom scan or even schedule a scan.


Remote Management

The Remote Management facility allows you to scan whilst fix all the security issues in any device, protected by bitdefender, remotely from anywhere. The vulnerability scanner included in the suite actively scans for outdated software, potentially risky system settings, or missing patch files. The two-way firewall is so efficient that it even prevents any unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network and system by continuously monitoring the internet connections.


Rescue Mode

The rescue mode makes it easy to remove even the most dangerous virus or malware from your system. The Bitdefender opens in rescue mode, if it finds any e-treats, which are hard to get rid of your Windows OS. It is a safe environment to clean up and restore the system settings back to work safely. The USB immunizer prevents your system from being infected by any USB drive, as it immunizes the drives as soon as it is connected to your system.


Security Reports

The Security Report gives the overall status of your system, including scan reports, info about issues, pending issues, ways to fix them, recommendations, and notifications about the different modules. Security Widget features allows you to scan any suspected file or folder from the desktop itself. You can easily drag and drop the file to scan and keep track of the security related tasks.


Extra BitDefender Internet Security 2024 Features

  • Bitdefender Wallet

Allows you to shop and pay online in one-step with peace of mind

  • Search Advisor

A browser assistant that prevents you from accessing any malicious or infected website. It gives you warning (indicates trustworthy and suspicious website) right in the bing or google search result.

  • Socialize safely

Bitdefender scans all your privacy settings and social networking profiles. It also scans all the links received from your Facebook and Twitter friends.

  • Scan Dispatcher

This new feature prompts system scans when the system resource usage falls below a certain threshold. The scanning process does not affect the system performance, as the scan will take place only when the system is idle.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2024 vs Competitors

1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2024

Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 box

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In terms of anti-phishing score, Kaspersky Internet Security 2024 ranks higher than most of its rivals. Kaspersky products are always in the top 3 most effective software, especially when it comes to online protection. The software comes with an automatic updater alongside a VPN protection. There is no hassle firewall here and there are lots of bonus features, including the Parental control feature that helps protect your underage family members against certain unsolicited contents. Though this software is highly reliable, it was discovered that only very small Malware may escape its detection, hence it is awarded 99% effective in terms of Malware blockage. The main features of Kaspersky Internet Security 2024 include:

  • Software updater (automatic)

This ensures that the performance of your device does not slow down while the software is being updated, likewise, the update does not affect your internet speed.

  • All-inclusive suite

That means you can find the Firewall, antivirus, parental control, Spam filter and anti-phishing protection in one single click of a button.

  • Cloud storage

Provides backup for your files and data and you can easily retrieve them just in case of a major damage.

  • Competitive price

Goes for $79.99 for three licenses on three devices maximum and $89.99 for five devices and $139.99 for 10 devices maximum. This can be the ideal internet security for medium to large size firms. But don’t hurry, we provide exclusive Kaspersky coupon codes for our readers which can help you to save 65% of the regular price.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2024 comes with an Auto-pilot system that provides additional support for your online transactions, regardless of the type of e-commerce websites you visit. The un-parallel protection you get from this software guarantees the elimination of all privacy intruders and Malware that can cause serious damages to your device. Kaspersky Internet Security 2024 is a security suite that can be deployed in the easiest manner, while its resources automatically update to ensure that your device and its contents are protected all year round.

For many years in a row Kaspersky Internet Security has been rated as the best Internet security software ahead of the likes of Norton 360 Deluxe, Heimdal Thor Premium and McAfee Total Protection.

Ransomware are quite dangerous, especially when they infiltrate your device and wreck serious havoc on your computer through unsolicited encryption of files and data. When files are encrypted by the Ransomware they become unusable and you will require the help of Internet hackers to be able to gain access to the files once again. Kaspersky Internet Security 2024 will create special folders for the most sensitive files on your device, and this software will also notify you when there are any malicious attempts on your device.

May Deals! 70% Off BitDefender Internet Security 2024 (3 Devices)
70% Off BitDefender Internet Security 2024 (3 Devices)
$23.99 $79.99

2. McAfee Total Protection 2024

McAfee Total Protection 2020 box

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Some people think that the hackers are smart enough to breach any online security and steal their valuable information. Do you think so? If your answer is yes, then it is sure that you haven’t yet tried BitDefender Internet Security 2024 or McAfee Total Protection 2024. Both are renowned security solution providers, trying to deliver user-friendly malware and virus protection software. To achieve this goal they use the industry’s most sophisticated technology that can detect and block not only the known threats, but also the potential ones also.

McAfee is a big company dedicated to deliver best protection solution for all your devices, no matter which operating system you use. You can choose from a wide range of products that suits your needs. BitDefender is an award winning software that can protect you from all the known threats, including spam, rootkit, worm, virus and the emerging online threats with zero impact on the performance of the system.

BitDefender and McAfee provides Parental Controls which can be used to restrict the use of the internet by children. You can restrict unwanted site from being loaded as well as set a time limit for surfing. However, BitDefender is far ahead of McAfee as it informs the parents about the activity of the children, especially if they have tried to overcome your constraint via an Android app.

One of the advantages of using McAfee is that you can protect every device you own with the same subscription without paying more, when the number of devices is limited in case of BitDefender. McAfee also offers Data Backup, Anti-theft, Web Safety tool for Mac, App Privacy, as well as Wi-Fi Protection for Android tablets and smartphones.

3. Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security box

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BitDefender and Avast are packed with many similar tools that offer great protection against real-time threats, with high efficiency. The common tools include:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-phishing
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Anti-spyware
  • Social Network Protection
  • Anti-spam

Both of them have proved their efficiency during the lab tests for detecting the malware. However, BitDefender was able to score more than Avast. When compared to the older versions of Avast, Premium Security has highly improved in their speed and performance.

Humans are social being and now, we have more friends on social networks than in real life, which makes each one of us to spend more time in such websites. Keeping in mind this nature of Humans, BitDefender and Avast has tried their level best to keep you safe from all the malware that are passed to you by your friends through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

When Avast has come forward with an intelligent scanner that is very powerful in detecting and removing malware, BitDefender has incorporated the fastest scanner to their pack. This quick scanner is a very useful feature, as it detects outdated programs, missing patches and software that can prove potentially dangerous to the device. The Home Network Security scan of Avast has been enhanced to detect more router vulnerabilities and give a detailed view about the issues found during the scan.

The integrated password manager of Avast is an additional feature when compared to the previous version. It is used to save your password and details in the login form. BitDefender also packs a similar tool that stores all your credentials in a secure vault. It can also recommend you secure password.

Avast and BitDefender are well aware of the fact that the hackers are more interested in the financial information of the online users than anything else. This is the main reason that both of them have tried to make the online transactions secure and easy. The inclusion of SafePay feature by BitDefender provides a dedicated and unique browser to carry out your online transactions without any inception from the frauds. Avast uses SafeZone to secures shopping and banking, without any worries. Avast also provides a bunch of useful extensions along with it but this feature is available only with premium product version.



BitDefender Internet Security 2024 is a perfect choice for a person, who needs a strong core anti-virus combined with more efficient modules and facets to manage their online security issues. It is efficient enough to safeguard your PC from any kind of unauthorized access via email, USB drives, malware programs, social media sites, web links, chat conversations, virus and Trojans.

BitDefender Internet Security 2024 provides the ultimate protection against all forms of online treats without compromising on the speed and performance of your device. The pure performance provided by this software has been relied upon by more than 500 million users from all around the world, and for many years and it comes as no surprise that the latest BitDefender Internet Security 2024 is rated as the best Internet security software around.

9.6 Total Score

Ransomware Protection
  • Bitdefender photon technology
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Excellent phishing protection
  • Cloud storage
  • Chat Encryption
  • Rescue Mode
  • Social Network Protection including Facebook monitoring
  • Mobile Security has limited protection features
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